Why local support matters

Why local support matters

In these trying times, there is a benefit in being supported by a local partner

The world is struggling to adapt right now, whilst many businesses are still frantically attempting to gear up for fully remote teams and working hard to ensure continuity of service and keep people working, some cracks are starting to appear. 

Sounds all doom and gloom, right? Except, its not. It’s an opportunity. 

Let me explain, for a few years now, Verde have been advocates for remote teamwork and for future proofing your business. At Verde, our assets have always been our people. These people are recruited from all around the country and we have built our business to be a modern workplace. Now we certainly cannot claim that this was in anticipation for something as ghastly as COVID-19 but was done to recruit the absolute best of people irrespective of their geographic location.

Being set up to work entirely remotely certainly has a benefit in these times. 

During this crisis, several countries without this remote connectivity infrastructure have gone into lock-down. One just must refer to the 1.3 billion people in India being sent home. This has influenced the support call centers and implementation teams based there. This situation has also affected the Philippines and other regions that have historically been hubs for international IT support.

This has left some kiwi businesses in a precarious position. Again, there is an opportunity to learn from this. 

Verde has long been a proponent of local support by people you get to know, people that get to know you and your business. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the success of our clients and that is incredibly important in a time like this. Absolutely no one wants to be living in times like these, but the opportunity to learn and adapt cannot be ignored, that will simply make this terrible situation worse.

Now we all have an opportunity to look at where the cracks in our information systems are and fix them. One can only hope that at the end of this experience, we are all a little wiser, stronger and supportive of each other. 

If you have any interest in learning more about how to get your business entirely cloud based and future proofed, please reach out to us for a no obligation assessment on how we can help you. 

Wayne Potgieter

Wayne Potgieter

Wayne is an action-oriented Sales Manager with a proven track record of managing new business development to drive growth and ensuring that Verde customers are looked after. Prior to joining Verde, Wayne worked within strategic business development and customer management roles at several international companies.

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