Verde named MYOB NZ Partner of the Year, secures Marketing Excellence Award

Verde named MYOB NZ Partner of the Year, secures Marketing Excellence Award

Verde has added to its trophy cabinet after being named the New Zealand MYOB Partner of the Year at a gala event recently held in the Gold Coast. The company also demonstrated the value of actively promoting solutions including Greentree and Advanced by winning the Marketing Excellence Award.

“These awards reaffirm our business strategy is on the right track as we deliver on our vision to help customers be more successful and unleash their full potential,” says CEO Penny Boland.

The New Zealand MYOB ERP Partner of the Year award recognises excellence across business development, growth, marketing and most importantly, customer service. The Excellence in Marketing goes to the partner generating the most MYOB sales through local marketing efforts in New Zealand.

The accolades aren’t the first for Verde, either. In 2018, it received the Marketing Excellence award, and in 2019 Verde won the Customer Excellence Award.

Boland says above anything else, the awards reflect Verde’s dedication to its own staff, many of whom have been on board for a decade or longer. “Our philosophy is focused on creating positive outcomes for people, both within our organisation and for our customers, so the award is recognition of the work our team puts in every day to make a difference for customers and the wider MYOB community,” she notes.

Among the initiatives Verde has introduced for staff members is the approach and supporting technologies known as the ‘Modern Workplace’. By enabling remote working, Verde has boosted productivity and staff morale by delivering flexibility which allows most members of the small team to work whenever and where-ever convenient.

“It’s not hard to understand what does and what does not motivate people. Being stuck in traffic or even stuck in any one location can be frustrating; we all have lives to live, children to raise and responsibilities outside of our work. It takes a leap of faith but trusting our people and working together means we get more done in less time. It’s reciprocal – we look after everyone, and they look after Verde and our customers,” Boland explains.

She adds that through looking after every staff member, there is complete confidence that they will do their best for the company and its customers. “The purpose of every business, including our own, is the creation and delivery of value for individuals, customers and society itself.”

A recent Net Promotor Score survey confirms Boland’s view, with multiple customers expressing satisfaction with their engagement with Verde. Comments include [Verde is an] ‘Excellent partner to work with. They really get to understand your business’, ‘Easy to deal with, very responsive’, ‘Great systems and great knowledge. Joy to deal with’.

Marketing manager Juanita Potgieter says that from an employee’s perspective, the team at Verde are accustomed to going the extra mile. “We do that not because we have to, but because we want to. We love what we do and are genuinely proud to be here.”

Broadly responsible for securing the Marketing Award, she adds, “I’m only successful when my team is; the award is thanks to the effort of the whole team and the recognition that we’re a partner of choice.”

Boland says the company’s approach to marketing reflects its approach to the delivery of ERP solutions. “We’re focused on understanding unique customer needs and the creation of lasting relationships based on mutual respect and value creation. Modern technology is all about efficiency – but efficiency is all about helping people to things better. And that remains our focus and our mission today and into the future.”



Verde has been helping New Zealand businesses succeed for more than 20 years. Verde has built solutions for over 150 companies in a variety of industries throughout New Zealand. It has a range of speciality services for larger businesses and can scale with an enterprise as it grows and has more challenging requirements. Verde also provides ongoing support and is committed to continuing investment in innovations that help business owners and managers deliver growth, productivity and success.

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