Verde Group achieves MYOB Platinum Partner Status

Verde Group achieves MYOB Platinum Partner Status

One of New Zealand’s foremost providers of enterprise software solutions, Verde Group, has secured MYOB Platinum Partner Status for its prowess in designing, implementing and supporting the vendor’s Greentree enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Gary Katzeff, ANZ ERP Manager, MYOB, explains that Platinum Partner status is awarded annually to those partners which have achieved specific growth-related targets, have built a considerable business with Greentree ERP and deliver a high level of service to their customers. “Verde Group has exceeded these criteria. It consistently and accurately meets the needs of its clients for effective enterprise solutions which are necessary to manage performance businesses of the future.”

Verde Group CEO, Vlad Kozak, says the company is seeing the results of a ‘Customer Intimate’ strategy which puts a sharp focus on delivering rapid and lasting value for its clients. “We’ve put customers squarely at the centre and have introduced additional infrastructure to support our ability to deliver effectively. This includes a Project Management Office to ensure consistent standards of execution, and an enhanced focus on excellence throughout our organisation,” he explains.

Enterprise software projects are notable for their complexity and difficulty. However, with successful Greentree implementations and referral clients in a range of vertical industries including aged care, transport, construction, wholesale and distribution, agriculture and forestry and more, Verde Group has demonstrable experience and an enviable track record, adds Kozak.

“Following the August 2016 acquisition of Greentree by MYOB, we’re pleased to achieve Platinum Partner Status which reaffirms our commitment to Greentree as a product and demonstrates how well we’ve worked with MYOB as a vendor in the past six months,” he says.

Kozak points out that Greentree is a proven enterprise-level solution which, in the right implementation hands, is capable of accurately meeting the needs of businesses operating in diverse vertical industries. “When MYOB acquired Greentree, it marked its move into true ERP solutions. In the time since, MYOB has demonstrated its ability to position the product appropriately and take existing partners with on the journey to providing software for the future of business.”

He adds that backed by MYOB Platinum Partner status and with its Customer Intimate model, Verde anticipates continued strong demand for its services. “No ERP project is completely risk-free; by choosing a proven partner recognised with premier status by its vendor, better business outcomes are assured,” he concludes.

Juanita Potgieter

Juanita Potgieter

With over 10 years’ experience in various marketing fields, Juanita is an action-oriented Marketing Manager with a proven track record of creating marketing initiatives and managing new product development to drive growth. Prior to joining Verde, Juanita worked within strategic business development and marketing management roles at several international companies.

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