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Get ready for MYOB Advanced Construction Edition

There’s plenty of excitement building in the Verde office around the imminent introduction of MYOB Advanced Construction Edition. We already serve a ton of big construction companies, and now with this new edition of Advanced, we’ll be ready to also serve many smaller to medium-sized organisations with proven, high-performance construction software in the cloud.

Now, no prizes for guessing who this iteration of the popular MYOB Advanced package is designed for.

Yes, the construction industry.

To understand why we’re thrilled at the imminent introduction of MYOB Advanced Construction Edition (even before we get the finer details of features and benefits), it’s worth taking a look at the structure of the construction industry, and how it tends to use software.

Like any other industry, ‘construction companies’ aren’t all the same size and nor do they address the same market sectors. They also don’t have uniform software requirements.

As is the case in most economies (but arguably a little more so in New Zealand), most industries are dominated by a few big companies, with a second tier of ‘big medium’ ones, then the other 80 percent or more made up of anything from owner operated entities, to organisations with tens up to hundreds of personnel.

Those big guys use Tier One ERP solutions like SAP, Sage, Epicor, or Maestro. The second tier use any one of a surprisingly large number of systems, including MYOB Greentree (originally designed and created right here in New Zealand, and on which we at Verde initially built our business).

Then there’s the big middle, where you’ll find any number of systems, and in too many cases, you’ll find a mishmash of poorly integrated, archaic, and inefficient systems. These range from bits of paper and spreadsheets, through to capable-for-their-purpose, but now-outgrown systems like Xero, MYOB AccountRight or MYOB Essentials.

This is the crux of it. This ‘missing middle’ can seriously benefit from better software, particularly as New Zealand looks set for an extended construction boom fuelled by persistent housing shortages. And for forward-looking companies which recognise the necessity of better business systems in support of a growing business, the market is ripe for opportunity. You could catapult your company into the upper echelons, in other words.

What are the big advantages with MYOB Advanced Construction Edition?

There are a couple of reasons why MYOB Advanced Construction Edition offers such a massive potential advantage. Probably at the top of the list is it’s ‘designed in the cloud’ heritage, closely followed by the extensive install base for all editions of MYOB Advanced.

Yes, that’s before even the advantages of a solution designed for your specific vertical industry.

Here’s why.

As a ‘designed in the cloud’ solution, MYOB Advanced is rapidly deployed and it is affordable. There isn’t a massive overhead in setting it up and getting started. And once you’ve done that mahi, it scales with you as you grow your business.

This is a crucial advantage for any busy, growing company where capital is in short supply. With this structure, keep the capital to hire more workers, get better machinery, or whatever else.

Then there’s the proven install base (over 1100 in the ANZ region alone). This tells you MYOB Advanced is proven and popular, and in a competitive market, anything that proven and popular is so for good reason.

Yes, there are great features and benefits, too

With the MYOB Advanced Construction Edition, you can expect a complete, real time view of your business anytime, anywhere. There’s the proven powerful financials, and additional features ideal for construction companies which include job cost accounting, project management, inventory, service management, CRM, mobile and more.

That’s why at Verde, we’re confident that in the MYOB Advanced Construction Edition, you’ll get a solution which will help increase collaboration, streamline time-intensive processes, and increase project visibility and profitability.

In our view, this is a solution which can boost your business into a whole new era. One where there’s more construction, and much less admin.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


Juanita Potgieter

With over 15 years’ experience in various marketing and business development fields, Juanita is an action-oriented individual with a proven track record of creating marketing initiatives and managing new product development to drive growth. Prior to joining Verde, Juanita worked within strategic business development and marketing management roles at several international companies. Juanita is certified in both MYOB Advanced and Oracle NetSuite.