How Verde keeps the wheels rolling across New Zealand

How Verde keeps the wheels rolling across New Zealand

Don’t curse that trucker slowing you down. The work being done by the rig might take your speed down momentarily, but it plays a vital role in keeping our country operational.

Transport and logistics are central to the efficient operation of every modern nation. Whether it is food, fuel, Trade Me goods and anything and everything in between, the transport industry is the life blood of industry and an effectively functioning society. It is an environment which is made efficient and effective through the widespread deployment of advanced technology, and Verde’s enhanced MYOB Greentree enterprise resource planning solution is used by tens of trucking companies.

They depend on our software to help make their operations ultra-efficient and competitive - so your goods get to where they need to go rapidly and at low cost. Check out this article, which highlights the features and functions transport operators should look for from their ERP solution.

MYOB Greentree is the vendor’s ‘upmarket’ software, for medium to large sized businesses. As a complete ERP solution, it is used by hundreds of businesses in New Zealand and Australia (and further afield). It includes the eDocs function, which helps eliminate paperwork (and truckers know two things about paperwork: there is a LOT of it in this business, and it always slows things down. More on that later).

At Verde, we’ve taken MYOB Greentree’s excellent base ERP and added a number of additional features which make it a perfect fit for transport businesses.

Those enhancements include Plant Costing, which equips operators to track cost and revenue by each plant item. That means knowing exactly which assets are working hard, and which ones are idle (and optimisation is sure to follow once this level of visibility is available).

Then, our Vehicle/Plant Maintenance makes sure those assets are kept in tip top operational condition, by removing a major overhead from your business: scheduling of maintenance. With this automated, along with timings and costings, the business is made that much more efficient.

Other enhancements to the vanilla MYOB Greentree include a Quoting/Rating engine, which allows for highly granular pricing of components within any given job, Scheduling to assign jobs and drivers to trucks, and Dispatch to match trucks, jobs and drivers.

This means that you can easily keep track of jobs, plant and vehicles and ensure that all job costs are captured accurately and can be billed accordingly. Downtime is minimised and your business is optimised for efficiency. With Greentree’s simple reporting capability, you’re able to see exactly what is happening in the business and focus effort where it will deliver the best return.

Integrating your supply chain is, of course, provided for, with functions such as supplier generated delivery orders, delivery scheduling and route optimisation, profitability reporting by plant, and the ability to analyse performance across the integrated supply chain.

Don’t just take our word for it, though (although we like to think our word for it is pretty solid). We’ve ‘walked the talk’ with plenty of successful transport operators; among them Dynes Transport and Southfuels.

The Dynes Transport has a fleet of over 150 trucks and it shifts hundreds of millions of litres of milk and hundreds of thousands of tonnes of logs every year. With a focus on innovation, IT Manager Peter Chamberlain explains why it has selected MYOB Greentree from Verde: “We chose Greentree for its modern architecture and work flow management – but it’s the eDocs function that’s driving even greater innovation in our business, improving our processes and saving us loads of time. Coupled with the work done by Verde, it’s really delivered bang for bucks.”

eDocs, says Chamberlain, has directly addressed the issue of ‘far too much paperwork’. Emails in their hundreds had to be printed, signed, and then delivered by courier for manual processing into the accounting system. “In our first year of using eDocs’ scraping function we got through some 20,000 invoices – that’s paper we no longer have to deal with. Now all the invoices come to one email address, they are scraped, loaded into Greentree and sent to the right person to authorise them.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if you, too, could eliminate all that paper - here’s a handy hint for free: you can. If you’re a transport operator looking for a better way to run your business, talk to us. We’re confident we can make things faster, more efficient and easier to keep track of. Give us a call now.

Juanita Potgieter

Juanita Potgieter

With over 10 years’ experience in various marketing fields, Juanita is an action-oriented Marketing Manager with a proven track record of creating marketing initiatives and managing new product development to drive growth. Prior to joining Verde, Juanita worked within strategic business development and marketing management roles at several international companies.

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