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Wayne Potgieter

Wayne Potgieter
Wayne is an action-oriented Sales Manager with a proven track record of managing new business development to drive growth and ensuring that Verde customers are looked after. Prior to joining Verde, Wayne worked within strategic business development and customer management roles at several international companies.
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How to start measuring supplier performance

Sales and procurement are intertwined. No matter how brilliantly your sales team is performing and how smoothly your warehouse runs, if a supplier
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Practical Steps To Control Manufacturing Costs

What are the true costs of your manufacturing? If you can’t see them, you can’t improve them. Here are three practical steps to gain the
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The Dos and Don’ts of ERP Software Selection for Industrial Manufacturers

Six Things That All Manufacturers and Distributors Should Keep in Mind As They Seek to Modernise Their Business Systems With one solution for
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Why local support matters

In these trying times, there is a benefit in being supported by a local partner
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Why on-premise ERP is here to stay

With cloud computing taking the world and New Zealand along with it by storm, there’s a pertinent question to be asked of Enterprise Resource
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Has your business outgrown Xero?

Many of our customers came to us because they had simply outgrown Xero, but why is this and what does it mean?
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AccountRight Classic (v19): Support ended, here’s to new beginnings

As you are no doubt well aware, MYOB brought support for AccountRight Classic to an end in September this year. For many businesses, this presents
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How to stay gutsy about data-led decision making

When making a major decision, would you go with your gut, or would you consult the facts and data first? Gartner research revealed that businesses
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Uh…just how do you ‘do’ ERP, anyway?

There’s a big problem faced by those new to the wonderful world of ERP. For starters, it is wonderfully confusing. There’s a ton of jargon,
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Is your professional services business taking full advantage of modern technology?

  Five ways cloud ERP software can boost your performance
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