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Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson
Craig has a wealth of experience in delivering business solutions across several industries. Prior to joining Verde over 10 years ago, Craig worked as a Business Analyst for several large law firms. He is passionate about improving efficiency and making life easy for the customer. Craig enjoys sailing and cars... in that order.

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Manufacturing Industry 4.0 and beyond

If there’s one constant for the manufacturing sector in New Zealand, it is resilience. Despite claims of crisis prior to the 2017 General
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If you’re running a professional services firm, shouldn’t you be running it professionally?

There’s great software available to boost the performance of your professional services company. And probably the most impressive detail about
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3 Things growing businesses should do differently in the next 12 months

Doing business inevitably means squaring off against change – be it new technologies, new business models, unforeseen competition or rapidly
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Distribution: The cloud has the answers you need

We work with a number of customers involved in the business of distribution. Regardless of the goods being distributed, there are multiple
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How the cloud hits the Suite spot

There are a number of factors inherent to the business of distribution which makes the advent of cloud technology an absolute boon for operators
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