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Andrew Finn

Andrew Finn
With over 20 years experience in ERP software development, Andrew is a Development Manager who is passionate about solutions that enable businesses and people to get the most out of their software. As obsessed as he is with ERP, he is even more obsessed with the weather and when he is not making someone’s life easier by working magic at his desk, he works his magic with his own weather station!
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Introducing the Cashflow Forecast App for MYOB Greentree

If managing cashflow is important to you, we’ve got the solution. With the brand-new Cashflow Forecast App, this crucial aspect of business
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MYOB Greentree for just about everything (Verde for the rest)

The point of Enterprise Resource Planning software is to take full control of business operations.  It’s a task a mature platform like MYOB
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Customisation: why this isn’t software's dirty C-word (but which one is?)

With the mere mention of what most consider to be enterprise software’s dirty C-word, many business owners instantly get the willies. That’s
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